April 2, 2017

Quality creates benefits and creates a new area for high-end customers

March, Vientiane update, in this vibrant season, Zhejiang Zhengda Mould Co., Ltd. Has welcomed an important customer, this Korean customer purchased 5 tons of high-speed steel T1 and M2 orders, on March 18, 2017, to visit our company to observe and inspect the goods, through our Boss personally accompanied customers to see the factory, inspection, after explaining to customers our unique high-speed steel EAF+LF+VD+RS ESR production technology, The customer is quite satisfied with the material production of our company.


The electric arc furnace + external refining + vacuum degassing is superior to the production of other common intermediate frequency furnace processes so that the material purity is good, and the performance of the material is effectively improved. The rapid solidification electro slag redissolving process independently developed by our company can effectively make the internal structure distribution of steel more uniform, the carbide particles are small, Ledeburite carbide network is small, reduce the segregation degree of materials, and effectively improve the service life of materials.

HSS high speed steel

HSS high speed steel

From the above customers ordered bulk material metallographic diagram fully reflects the quality of our production materials superiority.

The following is our HSS T1 (W18) sizing materials in the production process.HSS high speed steel HSS high speed steel

The following is the high-speed steel material of the customer’s customized-size M2.HSS high speed steel



HSS high speed steel HSS high speed steel

Finally, the customer is quite satisfied with the quality of our materials and the dedication of all the staff of ZHEJIANG ZHENGDA. After completing the inspection on March 19, the customer returned to Korea and immediately arranged the full payment to our company, and placed a new order of 5 and a half tons of high-speed steel on the same day.

Customers’ evaluation of our materials is that with our superior material cost performance, they can completely replace Japanese and European materials.

Zhejiang Zhengda Mould Co., Ltd. is committed to the positioning of high-end high-speed steel and tooling materials. It is believed that in the near future, it will be based on the brand in the world. Colleagues from Zhejiang Zhengda, let us work together and encourage each other!

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