August 9, 2019

Quality for survival, reputation for development

In recent years, customers from South Korea, Vietnam, and European countries have come to our company for field visits, high-quality products, and services, strong company qualifications and reputation, good industry development prospects, is an important reason to attract our customers to visit.

Accompanied by the main responsible persons of various departments, our customers visited and inspected the production workshop of the company, under the guidance of the relevant technical personnel, the customer site test operation, the good performance of the equipment to the customer tut praise!

Subsequently, the two sides came to the conference room, and the customer showed our supplier evaluation system and gave a detailed explanation. In addition, the two sides also gave individual details. After the discussion, after a day’s visit, the two sides established a good friendship and recognized the enterprise culture of the other party, and the customer has a good working environment, an orderly production process, strict quality control, and a harmonious working atmosphere.

The staff who have hard work left a deep impression and discussed the future cooperation of the two parties with the top of the company, hoping to realize the complementary win-win and common development in the future planned cooperation project.

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