January 1, 2020

How to improve HSS tools high-cost effective ?

High speed steel with round bar

The Round bar for High-speed steel

HSS drill, taps, end mill, punch, recess punch,  trimming, hobs, broach, etc.

  • Normally, the Customer just focuses on the price whether still can lower than his existing supplier, but ignore the quality include: work-life, performance, heat treatment, work object,stability…
  • When you compare the test of high-speed steel microstructure, the carbide grain size, carbide distribution, even the annealing HB hardness, and HRC hardness, you will find the material if it will be worth for it to use it or not.
  • For example HSS drill, HSS taps, dia6mm:
  • If you use a common supplier material, maybe the cheapest price let you satisfying, but when you compare as the below data, you should change your opinion:
Tool steel for HSS

The high-end quality for HSS


From this clear comparison, if you well know which material will much better?

Therefore, Price is not the only measure of business…

Because of our special process, the steel is refined in the perfect smelting technology, and the internal structure and carbide distribution are more uniform and fine.
The quality is good and we don’t need to brag about it too much, you can only find the work-life comparison after you really use it.
If you are confused about quality,
If you are hesitant about your supplier selection,
If you are having questions about the price,
If you’re not sure if you can find a more cost-effective high-speed steel,
Please try to contact us, you will find the inherent advantages when you do it, and then you can achieve the positioning and goals in your mind.

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