January 9, 2020

5 Secrets You Must Want To Know Why Zeicin Steel Win in Japan and Europes Market!

The company has a strong technical force and has successfully developed the domestic original new technology of rapid solidification electro slag remelting and the new technology of high-speed steel round rod three pressing and three draws. Rare-earth element modification method won the national invention patent. Strive for excellent products, strive for China 2025 China made in the vanguard of quality enterprises.

Secret1: HSS/Martensite stainless steel PRODUCTION PROCESS



Electric arc furnace(EAF)+Ladle furnace(LF)+Vacuum degassing(VD) to make sure material purity is much better to improve material quality.

EAF high speed steel

High-end quality for High-speed steel to produce

Unique Rapid solidification electro slag remelting(RS ESR), ingot has a carbide size small, uniform and compact structure, the characteristics of grain boundary binding force is stronger, made of the steel ingot material which have good abrasion resistance, red hardness, toughness much better than the domestic same type products, carbide grain size and distribution better than imported(Japan and Europe) materials, The performance is obviously better than domestic similar products, carbide shape, and distribution, better than many imported materials.

***RS ESR Equipment reseach&development by ourself

Equipment for high speed steel

special equipment for high speed steel

Secret2: RS-ESR Function:

Rapid solidification electro slag remelting (RS ESR)The special process can make carbide grain size much smaller, Ledeburite carbide network much smaller to reduce material segregation. and improve material quality.

The technology has been researched and developed by ourself, it’s a unique technology in China.

Secret3: RS-ESR Principle:

The rapid solidification, and fast speed cooling, lead to the shallow melting pool, and the carbide will solidify when it is too late to grow up) (fast cooling) (rapid solidification) (Shorten the growth time of carbide size, so it never grows up to big size )

Secret4: RS ESR steel ingot 

1) To increase the forging ratio to improve internal organization.

2) Make the carbide size smaller and distribution more even, Which can make carbide distribution achieve grade 4

Steel ingot size

Steel ingot for the high speed steel


***At the same time, The raw material advantages of HSS, Martensite stainless steel raw material which made by EAF+LF+VD+RS ESR:

we don’t use scrap recycling, our HSS billet (raw material) comes from :

1) High alloy elements (W, Cr, Mo, V, Si, Mn, Co) + High purity low alloy steel (low carbon content, low impurities, high- quality cold-rolled sheet) which is close to pure iron, So our raw material cost higher than HSS scrap recycling, and our HSS purity much better than normal;

2) Smelting process advantages: it’s different from some suppliers to use intermediate frequency furnace(IFF) smelting process, we use an electric arc furnace(EAF) smelting to improve material purity.

***SPRAY FORMED HSS IFF(intermediate frequency furnace)+LF(Ladle furnace)+SF(spray formed)

Spray forming HSS

High-speed steel by spray forming method


Spray forming is an advanced technology to produce high-performance materials by rapid solidification.

Spray forming HSS also belong to powder metallurgy HSS

The technology has solved the problem of the composition of the macrosegregation and has the characteristics of powder metallurgy.

The process and principle of spray forming

The high-speed steel is heated into molten metal, and then it is atomized, under the effect of gas injection, the droplet is accelerated and cooled down rapidly,

When the collision of flying droplets in the precipitator, the spherical particles have been impacted then became flat, formed to sputtering film, cooling effect of particle precipitation the rapid solidification, and the self-fluxing effect accumulation forming.

 Advantages of spray forming HSS

No macrosegregation of alloying elements

Microstructure much better, and the carbide distributed more evenly.

After heat treatment, the mechanical properties are excellent, and the strength and toughness are significantly better than high-quality electro slag steel

Service life close to powder steel

Micro-constructure for high speed steel

Quality comparison for the high speed steel

Let’s talk productively, doubt us? test us!

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