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5 Secrets You Must Want To Know Why Zeicin Steel Win in Japan and Europes Market!

The company has a strong technical force and has successfully developed the domestic original new technology of rapid solidification electro slag remelting and the new technology of high-speed steel round rod three pressing and three draws. Rare-earth element modification method won the national invention patent. Strive for excellent products, strive for China 2025 China made […]

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How to improve HSS tools high-cost effective ?

HSS drill, taps, end mill, punch, recess punch,  trimming, hobs, broach, etc. Normally, the Customer just focuses on the price whether still can lower than his existing supplier, but ignore the quality include: work-life, performance, heat treatment, work object,stability… When you compare the test of high-speed steel microstructure, the carbide grain size, carbide distribution, even […]

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