Specializing in the production of high-end high-quality materials of high speed steel broach

Our high-speed steel broaches are manufactured using premium-grade high-speed steel materials, ensuring wear resistance and high-temperature performance. This guarantees that the broaches remain sharp and maintain stable machining accuracy even during prolonged use. Our high-speed steel broaches undergo precision machining and rigorous quality control, ensuring the precision and consistency of the cutting edges. This enables the broaches to achieve efficient cutting and produce smooth machining surfaces. Designed to be versatile and adaptable to various shapes and sizes of machining requirements, our high-speed steel broaches offer flexibility and diversity.

Product application field

1. Automobile Manufacturing Industry

In automotive manufacturing, high-speed steel broaches are used for machining engine components, transmission systems, and chassis components. Their efficient cutting capabilities and precise machining results make them critical tools in the automotive manufacturing process for creating precise internal and external profiles, keyways, and splines in automotive parts.

2. Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, high-speed steel broaches are extensively used for machining aircraft structures, aerospace engine components, and spacecraft parts. These broaches play a crucial role in achieving the required dimensional accuracy and surface finish in aerospace components. Their high-speed, high-precision machining capabilities meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry for part quality and accuracy.

3. Mold Manufacturing Industry

High speed steel broach is an essential tool in the manufacturing industry and is used to process a variety of materials, including metals, plastics and composites. It can also be used in the field of mold manufacturing, where high speed steel broach is used to create complex shapes and contours in mold components. It can achieve accurate machining of complex geometric shapes and achieve strict tolerances required in mold manufacturing.

Key Features of High-Speed Steel Broach

Wear Resistance:

Manufactured using premium-grade high-speed steel materials, high-speed steel broaches exhibit excellent wear resistance, maintaining sharpness and durability during prolonged usage.

High-Temperature Resistance:

High-speed steel broaches possess good high-temperature resistance, effectively dissipating heat during high-speed machining to prevent damage due to overheating.

Precision Machining:

High-speed steel broaches undergo precision machining and quality control, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of cutting edges, thus achieving high-precision machining and smooth machining surfaces.

Efficient Cutting:

Thanks to the outstanding performance of high-speed steel materials, high-speed steel broaches demonstrate efficient cutting capabilities, enabling fast and accurate completion of machining tasks, thereby enhancing production efficiency.

Versatile Design:

Featuring flexible and diverse designs, high-speed steel broaches can accommodate various shapes and sizes of machining requirements, meeting the diverse machining needs of different workpieces.


High-speed steel broaches exhibit high stability, maintaining consistent machining performance under high-speed and heavy-load conditions, ensuring the consistency and reliability of machining results.

Classification of High-Speed Steel Broach

Internal Broach:

An internal broach is used to work the internal profile of a hole, such as an inner hole, slot, or keyway. They usually have special cutting shapes to accommodate different internal shapes.

Keyway Broach:

Keyway broach is specialized for machining keyways on mechanical parts for mounting keys and pins. They usually have special cutting shapes to fit the width and depth of the keyway.

Special Shape Broach:

With custom cutting shapes for machining parts with special shapes or non-standard profiles.