We are a raw material manufacturer, why do we produce high speed steel punch?


1.Long life: Our high speed steel Punch can increase the service life of the peer’s high speed steel punch by two to three times, so that your production line is more stable, reduce maintenance costs, improve production efficiency.

2.Process advantage: As the source manufacturer of high-speed steel materials, we have a unique directional solidification electroslag remelting process, accumulated 15 years of production experience, to ensure stable and reliable product quality, by well-known customers at home and abroad alike praise and recognition.

3.Quality beyond: Our products can truly replace similar products in Japan and Europe, with high quality, cost-effective, mature and stable characteristics, to help customers save costs, win the advantage of market competition.

4.Full service: In addition to providing high-quality Punch products, we can also provide you with raw material supply to achieve win-win cooperation; At the same time, our one-stop service guarantee to ensure your delivery time.


Product Characteristics and Application Fields of High Speed Steel Punches

Recess Punches 

Product feature:

1.The punch is a tool for extruding the head of a small screw and is installed on the screw head machine. The tool enables the production of ultra-high precision small products, such as the watch and eyewear industry and the general electronics industry.

2.The tool has good wear resistance and can produce products of various shapes.

3.The tool responds to the customer’s new product development requirements and we have the PVD & CVD coating process.

Standard specifications


Product feature:

1. Improves tools’ life

2. Usability is easy

3. Cost cutting

4. Contributes to stabilization of customers’ quality according to manufacture of the standard as

Trimming Dies

Features of Trimming Die:

1.Trimming dies is the tool to cut the head part of bolt into a various shapes.

2.TNP produces products by using the good quality of cobalt-based high speed steel,independent cooling fitting method, and CVD coating technology keep durability and machinability.

3.It obtained the EM mark. For shapes, we can produce all kinds of shapes
including round, oval, 12 point, square and rectangle types as well as general hexagon shape.


Product feature:

It’s the tool for cold forging. The high quality, high preciseness, high-speed production,and low-priced product are possible. It is used in the new metal working processing whose utilization is widened. Cold forging products which are limited to bolt and nut in the past are being expanded and applied to all kinds of gear, pipe, flange shapes and non-axisymmetry products because of technical development.


Product feature:

1. HIS is a Tool for making threads on material which put between two dies facing each other by moving one die.

2. Strength of bolt produced by thread rolling is more than 20% higher than that of products done  by cutting operation. It can produce 150 to 600 products per minute. The products are cleaner and more precise than the processed products by cutting operation.

Dies Shape

Lm : Length of moving dies             B : Thickness of dies
Ls : Length of stationary dices       H : Height of dies

1. Taper of headin / Lead out on moving dies.
2. Honing is done to prevent skidding.

RRO Chamfer

The smath radius continues up to the point where the thread blends
in the shank or to the head of the screw. This radius distributes
streses evenly in creasing fatigue resistance in an area of screw
where failure is most likely to occur with this well blended radius
a batter smoother thread is produced. This radiused run out was designde for rolling high strength aerospace bolts.


Product feature:

Forming rack dies is the flat rolling dies to Roll involute serration axis by form rolling.
Precisely at room temperature (cold).
Especially, it is widely used as the tool to Roll axes of automobile parts.

Features and usage of Rack form rolling
1. It is more highly efficient than hobbing as processing is completed within several seconds.
2. Safety is excellent during form rolling as the generating form rolling method and accuracy of processing and surface roughness are very good.
3. Strength of tooth surface (metal fiber) in the form rolling is higher than that of cutting products.
4. Simultaneous processing of spline and threads in the same axis is possible by the 1 process. And processing of form rolling process of products
with platforms is possible by adhering it to them to the maximum.
5. It can be more used because slip phenomena are less than those of Circular Rolling Dies in form rolling process.
Rack Types



Product feature

1.Can produce screws that the standard of all countries of the world is applied(KS, BS, DIN, JIS, ANSI & special specifications that customers demand).

2.The set time of dies is fast and exact.

3.The best dies life is provided through the best quality by CNC program and the heat treatment technology that the company possesses.

4.It is used in steel plates plastic or wood. This tool is used to roll screws as male thread make female thread. It means female thread is not necessary.

5.Tapping screws are widely used in automobile cars, home appliances, and houses.

Dies Shape

Tapping Screw Types


Product feature:

Mis-alignment Accommodating Thread, Even though threads don’t fit with opposite objects, they are tightened by adjusting

1.Prevents jamming or cross-threading.

2.Actively arranges screw parts and matches with parts during assembly.

3.Makes assembly easier by reducing feed-back of torque to workers during soft assembly.

4.Especially, optimal to tighten the products whose processing costs of female screws are high and with the unstable work conditions.

MA Thread Types

It’s the short guide length and R chamfer.
And the lead thread length is longer
(Minimum 2 pitch) than that of M Point..

General usage
Use in difficult applications when point
clearance is not an issue.
Should also be used with thick
stack-ups of multiple components.


There is no guide and R chamfer. And the
lead thread length is longer (Minimum 2 pitch).

Limited usage
Use only in applications where point
clearance is a problem and angular
mis-alignment is limited. Note that
this part may very rarely jam if installed
at over 8 deg. angular misalignment.

It’s the short guide length and R chamfer.
And the lead thread length is shorter
(Minimum 1 pitch) than that of P point Mathread.

General usage
For use in most applications.
Do not use when prying heavy components
into place during installation
-use a ‘Dog point’ MAThread instead.

It’s the basic MAThread which is most
generally used.

Special usage
Design Critena for parts used
in special applications.




It’s the long guide length and R chamfer.
And the lead thread length is longer
(Minimum 2 pitch).

Special usage
Use in any very difficult application
or when prying components
into place during in stallation.







Profuct feature:

Rotates two or three C/L dies in the same direction, put materials between them, and forms
bolt threads. It can produce products of higher preciseness than that of M/S Dies.

Dies Classification

  2 ROLL   3 ROLL3 ROLLFrom rolling head
In-place Through typeThrough typeThrough typeThrough typeThrough typeIn-placeThrough typeThrough type
IN FEEDParallel spindleTilting spindleTilting spindleTilting spindleTilting spindleIN FEEDLEAD LESS
Dies with lead
(Lead angle is small)
Dies with lead
(Thru Feed)
Dies without lead
Forced pressure diesReverse lead diesDies with leadDies without lead2 to 6 rolls are used

Rolling machine Type
Outside DiaLength MaxPitchDTdies DFXH
T-ROL 63~45600.5~3125~15035~605412×5.2
T-ROL 153~1001500.5~6135~18030~1505412×5.2
T-ROL 203~1001500.5~8135~20040~1505412×5.2
T-ROL 30A5~1003000.5~12165~21040~3008518×6.5
OSAKA WORKSTR4~40600.6~2.5125~15030~655410×5
TR II4~501200.5~3120~18030~1205412×5.2
TR III~100180~8160~22030~1807015×7.2


Product feature:

1. What’s serration form rolling C/L dies?
C/L dies for form rolling of serration, spline, and rollet.

2. The parts produced by serration form rolling are used in the places which require the quality of high preciseness including start motors as well as power transfer of steering systems and suspension systems.

From rolling Types

– Rollet form rolling
Most of rollet process including rotating axis of all kinds of motors and wheels were changed from processing on shelves to form rolling processing. Form rolling through the pass form rolling method by special design of dies is possible.

– Serration, Spline form rolling
It produces products which are used as the axis to transfer power. Much higher pressure is required than the chase of thread rolling. And rolling
machines with strong pressure should be selected. Tolerance of key ways should be very small because form rolling affects strong torque.