Welcome to our high-speed steel tap floor page, which will give you a comprehensive display of the excellent performance of high-speed steel taps, a wide range of applications and our product features. Whether you are a professional engineer, a manufacturing practitioner or a DIY enthusiast, our high-speed steel taps have everything you need for a cutting tool. Let’s dive into the world of high-speed steel taps!

We are a raw material manufacturer, why do we produce high speed steel taps?


1. Long Life: Our high-speed steel tap can increase the service life of the peer’s high-speed steel tap by two to three times, so that your production line is more stable, reduce production costs, improve production efficiency, and win the market.

2. Process Advantage: As the source manufacturer of high-speed steel materials, we have a unique directional solidification electroslag remelting process, accumulated 15 years of production experience, to ensure stable and reliable product quality, by well-known customers at home and abroad alike praise and recognition. We have the perfect combination of innovative technology and excellent performance.

3. Quality Beyond: Our products can really replace similar products in Japan and Europe, with high quality, cost-effective, mature and stable characteristics, to help customers save costs and win the advantage of market competition.

Because the quality of our raw materials is perfect to replace Japan, Europe and the United States, so we cooperate with our matching tap brother factory to cooperate with us in the production and sales of finished tap products.

Product application field

High-speed steel taps have wide applications in the industrial sector, primarily used for automotive wheel hubs, iron tower electric poles, water faucet fittings, bicycles, mechanical equipment fasteners, and more.

1. Automotive Hub Nut Tap: It is used to process the nut holes on the automobile wheel hub to ensure the firm connection between the wheel hub and the wheel nut, as well as the processing of the engine cylinder block, transmission shell and other parts of the thread. High-speed steel taps can efficiently process threaded holes on various automotive parts to ensure their quality and durability.

2.Iron Tower, Wire Pole Nut Tap:  In the construction of power tower, pole and other projects, used for processing nut holes to ensure the reliability and safety of power facilities.

3.Faucet Accessories Nut Tap: Used to process the nut holes in the faucet and its accessories to ensure that the faucet is securely installed and sealed to prevent water leakage.

4.The Nut Tap On The Bicycle: It is used to process the nut holes on the various parts of the bicycle, such as the nut to lock the wheel hub, the nut to fix the frame, etc., to ensure the bicycle structure is firm. It can provide efficient threading solutions for bicycle manufacturing.

5.Mechanical Equipment Fastener Nut Tap: In the installation and maintenance of various mechanical equipment, used for processing fasteners (such as bolts, nuts) holes, to ensure the safety and stability of equipment operation.

High Speed Steel Tap Material Use:

  • Stainless Steel Special Tap
  • Modulating Steel
  • Carbon Steel Material
  • Made Of Copper And Aluminum

Main Product Introduction

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Characteristic Advantages Of High Speed Steel Taps

1.Internal length – Long life:

Our high-speed steel tap adopts advanced high-speed steel materials and cutting technology, which ensures efficient and accurate cutting effect in the cutting process, and has a long service life, greatly improving work efficiency.

2.Excellent Wear Resistance:

High-speed steel tap is made of high-quality high-speed steel material, which not only has excellent wear resistance and durability, but also has good toughness, high precision and high pass rate of the tap. It can keep sharp for a long time, reduce the number of changes, and reduce the cost of use.

3.Precision Machining:

Our high-speed steel taps are precision machined and heat treated, with fully automatic CNC lathes to ensure smooth surfaces and precise dimensions, minimizing vibration and noise during cutting and improving machining quality.

4.Wide Selection Of Specifications:

We offer a variety of specifications and models of high-speed steel taps to meet different material and processing needs, which can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers. We also focus on raw materials, cost-effective, high-quality replacement of France ERASTEEL, Japan NACHI HSS raw materials.

5.Coating Technology:We have a significant competitive advantage in the coatings sector. First of all, we have introduced advanced coating technology from Taiwan, which provides us with solid technical support and quality assurance. Secondly, we have achieved one-stop professional production and sales services. We are a raw material manufacturer, from production to product sales and after-sales service, we achieve seamless connection to ensure product quality and on-time delivery. We have a dedicated team with a wealth of experience and expertise to provide our customers with personalized solutions and customized services. No matter what kind of coating products our customers require, we can meet them and provide them with the best quality service and support.

Why did you choose us?

1.High Quality Assurance:

We use high quality high-speed steel materials and advanced processing technology to ensure stable and reliable product quality to meet the high requirements of customers.

2.Professional Team:

We have a professional technical team and customer service team, at any time to provide customers with technical support and solutions to ensure that customer needs are met in a timely manner.

3.Customer First:

We always put customers’ needs first, actively listen to customers’ opinions and suggestions, and constantly optimize products and services to create greater value for customers.

4.Innovative Design: We continue to pursue innovation, introduce advanced production equipment and technology, and constantly improve product performance and processing technology to provide customers with better products and services.