Specializing in the production of high-end high-quality materials of high speed steel woodworking knifes

High speed steel woodworking knifes is a professional, efficient woodworking cutting tool with the following basic features and benefits :

Good Wear Resistance :

After special treatment, high-speed steel woodworking knifes have excellent wear resistance, can stay sharp for a long time, and still maintain good cutting performance after use, reducing the frequency of tool replacement and improving production efficiency.

Excellent Hardness And Cutting Performance :

Because the high-speed steel woodworking knifes has a high hardness edge design, its cutting performance is very outdoor, can maintain the sharpness of the blade in the processing process easily cut various hardness of wood, extend the service life, and improve the processing efficiency.

Excellent High Temperature Stability :

High-speed steel woodworking knifes can maintain stable performance in the high-speed processing process, not susceptible to thermal deformation or damage, and lose the cutting ability to ensure stability and accuracy and quality in the processing process.

High Versatility :

High speed steel woodworking knifes can be used for all kinds of wood processing, including softwood, hardwood, composite materials, etc., with a wide range of applications.

Easy To Grind And Repair :

The blade of high-speed steel woodworking knifes is easy to grind and repair, and can be restored by a simple grinding process, extending the service life and reducing the cost of use.

Precision Machining Capability :

High speed steel woodworking knifes have precision processing capabilities, which can achieve high-precision cutting, engraving and shape processing, meet different processing requirements, and improve processing quality.

Product application field

1. Art and Crafts Production :

Because high-speed steel woodworking tools have excellent blade retention and wear resistance, they are very suitable for fine engraving and carving work. Wood crafts, sculpture, furniture and other fields often need to use high-speed steel tools to create wood sculpture, crafts and decorations.

2. Woodworking Machinery Manufacturing :

High speed steel is also commonly used in the manufacture of other types of woodworking tools, such as drills, milling cutters, saw blades, etc. These tools are commonly used in woodworking machinery equipment for a variety of machining operations.

3. Furniture Manufacturing :

High-speed steel woodworking tools are often used in the furniture manufacturing industry, such as the cutting and cutting of various kinds of wood, including board, solid wood, composite materials and so on. They can be used for cutting, cutting, planing, grooving and other processes, whether it is panel furniture or solid wood furniture, you need to use high-speed steel tools for processing, can quickly and accurately process wood to ensure the accuracy and quality of products.

4. Construction and Decoration Engineering :

In the field of construction and decoration, high-speed steel woodworking tools are often used to process wooden floors, doors and Windows, stairs, handrails and other wood products. They can perform fine cutting and carving work, providing fine woodwork for architectural and decorative works.

5. Woodworking Maintenance and Restoration :  

For the woodworking repair and renovation industry, high-speed steel woodworking tools are also one of the essential tools. They can be used to repair and refurbish old furniture, woodwork and decorations to restore their original beauty and function.

Classification of High-Speed Steel Woodworking Knifes

The product classification of high-speed steel woodworking knifes can be classified according to its shape, use and characteristics :

1. Shape Category

1) Straight Knives : A straight knife is a tool mounted directly on a woodworking machine tool for surface cutting and leveling wood.

2) Roundover Knives :  Roundover knives are often used to trim the edge of wood into an arc shape, which is commonly found in furniture manufacturing.

2. Object Classification 

1)  Cutting Knives : Used for cutting, trimming, and splitting wood.

2) Carving Knives : Suitable for wood carving and meticulous carving work.

3. Characteristic Classification

1) Wear Resistance : Some high-speed steel woodworking knives are coated with special coatings or alloy additives, enhancing their wear resistance and extending their service life.

2) Sharpness : The sharpness of the blade may vary for different machining tasks, with some knives tending to maintain sharpness better than others.

3) Material of the Tool : The combination of high-speed steel and other alloys affects the performance and applicability of the tool, such as high-speed steel combined with tungsten steel alloy knives.