Spray forming is an advanced technology to produce high-performance materials by rapid solidification.

Spray forming HSS also belong to powder metallurgy HSS

The technology has solved the problem of the composition of the macrosegregation and has the characteristics of powder metallurgy.

The process and principle of spray forming

The high-speed steel is heated into molten metal, and then it is atomized, under the effect of gas injection, the droplet is accelerated and cooled down rapidly,

When the collision of flying droplets in the precipitator, the spherical particles have been impacted then became flat, formed to sputtering film, cooling effect of particle precipitation the rapid solidification, and the self-fluxing effect accumulation forming.

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Advantages of spray forming HSS

No macrosegregation of alloying elements

Microstructure much better, and the carbide distributed more evenly.

After heat treatment, the mechanical properties are excellent, and the strength and toughness are significantly better than high-quality electro slag steel

Service life close to powder steel

M35 Microstructure

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