11Cr17 is a metal alloy material.The hardness of 11Cr17 is the highest among all kinds of stainless steel and heat-resistant steel.

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  1. General Details

    11Cr17 440C High chromium martensite stainless steel

    It is used for nozzle and bearing. Under quenching and tempering conditions, this kind of steel has high strength and hardness, as well as rust and corrosion resistance. It is generally used for making bearings, valves, high-quality cutting tools, medical and surgical tools, axles, rods, grips, and other abrasion resistant parts that require corrosion resistance or corrosion resistance of dilute oxidation acid, organic acid, and salt.

    Similar Grade

    Execution standard ZEICIN Grade GB AISI JIS DIN
    GB/T 1220-1992 440C 11Cr17 440C SUS440C 1.4125

    Main chemical composition %

    C Cr Mn Si Mo V
    <1.00 <1.00 ≤0.75
    Co S P Ni Nb W
    ≤0.030 ≤0.035 <0.6

    Product details

    # Name Specification
    1 Steel grade 440C/SUS440C/11Cr17/1.4125
    2 Size T:2.0mm above; W:250mm below(according to order)
    3 Tolerance according to order
    4 Technique Thickness: 2.0-4.0mm Cold Rolled/ Thickness:4.0mm above Hot Rolled
    5 Surface Annealing
    6 Application linear guideway, stainless steel ball

    Key Features and Benefits of 11Cr17 440C Stainless Steel

    • High Hardness:Achieves excellent hardness after heat treatment, making it ideal for cutting tools and wear-resistant applications.
    • Wear Resistance:Offers outstanding resistance to wear and abrasion, extending the lifespan of components.
    • Corrosion Resistance:Provides good resistance to corrosion in mild environments, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.Good resistance to the atmosphere, fresh water, foods,  alkalies and mild acids. Best resistance in the hardened and tempered and  passivated condition. A smooth polished surface also assists.
    • Machinability:Can be machined using conventional techniques post-annealing, enhancing its applicability in various industries.In the annealed condition, this stainless steel grade is moderately easy to machine; similar to high-speed steel. Chips are stringy and tough, so chip breakers are crucial. If these grades are hardened, they become tough and possibly impossible to machine.
    • Heat Treatment:Annealing – Full  anneal – 850-900°C, slow furnace cool to about 600°C and then air cool.  Sub-critical Annealing – 735-785°C and slow furnace cool.Hardening – Heat  to 1010-1065°C, followed by quenching in warm oil or air. Oil quenching is  necessary for heavy sections. Immediately temper at 150-370°C to obtain a  wide variety of hardness values and mechanical properties as indicated in the  accompanying table.

      Tempering in the  range 425-565°C is to be avoided because of reduced impact resistance and  corrosion resistance. Tempering in the range 590-675°C results in lower  hardness (the product become machinable) and high impact resistance.

    Applications of 11Cr17 440C Stainless Steel

    • Cutlery:11Cr17 440C is widely used in the manufacture of high-quality knives, scissors, and other cutting tools. Its ability to maintain a sharp edge and resist wear makes it ideal for kitchen knives, hunting knives, and other precision cutting instruments.
    • Bearings:Due to its high hardness and excellent wear resistance, 11Cr17 440C is an ideal material for bearings, which are crucial components in various mechanical systems. It ensures longevity and reliability under high-stress conditions.
    • Industrial Components:This steel is used in the production of industrial components such as valves, screws, and pumps, which require high strength and resistance to wear and corrosion. 11Cr17 440C enhances the durability and performance of these critical parts.
    • Automotive Parts:The automotive industry uses 11Cr17 440C for parts that require high durability and resistance to wear and corrosion, such as camshafts, valve components, and other engine parts.
    • Aerospace Components:In aerospace, components made from 11Cr17 440C are valued for their high strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to wear and corrosion, making them suitable for various critical applications.
    • Surgical Instruments: Employed in the manufacture of surgical instruments. Its excellent corrosion resistance ensures that the instruments remain sterile and reliable throughout their use.


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