DIN 1.4116 (DIN 1.4116) is a bearing steel used to make ball bearings, rollers and bearing rings. Bearing steel has high and uniform hardness and wear resistance, as well as high elastic limit.

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  1. General Details

    9Cr14Mo+Co Stainless Steel


    4116 (full name DIN 1.4116) is a kind of bearing steel, the biggest characteristic is corrosion and wear resistance, chromium and vanadium content is very high, so the price is not low (mainly vanadium cost), but as a cutting tool will not be very good polishing and blade if the hardness is low is better

    Similar Grade

    execution standard ZEICIN Grade GB AISI JIS DIN
    GB 9Cr14MoV+Co 9Cr14MoV+Co  N/A  N/A

    Main chemical composition %

    C Cr Mn Si Mo V
    0.88~0.92 13.50~14.5 0.20~0.8 ≤0.80 0.40~0.50 0.10~0.30
    Co S P Ni Nb W
    0.2~ 0.30 ≤0.04 ≤0.03 ≤0.6 0

    Product details

    # Name Specification
    1 Steel grade 9Cr14MoV+Co
    2 Size T:2.0mm above; W:250mm below(according to order)
    3 Tolerance according to order
    4 Technique Thickness: 2.0-4.0mm Cold Rolled/ Thickness:4.0mm above Hot Rolled
    5 Surface Annealing
    6 Application chef knife/ Kitchen knife/Army knife/outdoor knife/forged knife/Scissors/Haircut scissors/pet scissors/stainless steel ball
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