DC53 is a new type of cold working die steel modified from SKD11 by datong special steel, whose technical specification is contained in Japanese industrial standard (JIS) G4404.It overcomes SKD11 high temperature temper hardness and toughness weakness, will be in the general and precision die field comprehensive replacement of SKD11 high strength and toughness universal cold die steel.

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  1. General Details

    DC53 Cr8Mo1VSi High strength toughness universal cold work mold steel

    Under proper heat treatment, the strength and toughness are excellent, and the high-temperature temper hardness can reach 62~63HRC.The toughness of DC53 is more prominent in cold die steel, and few cracks and cracks appear in tools made with DC53, which greatly improves the service life.The residual stress after wire cutting is reduced by high-temperature tempering.As a result, cracks and deformation of large molds and precision molds are suppressed after linear cutting.

    Similar Grade

    Execution standard ZEICIN Grade GB AISI DIN ASSAB JIS/ DAIDO
    GB/T 119.2-2000 DC53 Cr8Mo1VSi DC53

    Main chemical composition %

    C Cr Mn Si Mo V
    0.90-1.10 7.50-8.50 0.40 MAX  0.80-1.20  1.80-2.20 0.20-0.50
    Co S P Ni Nb W
    0.03MAX 0.03MAX

    Product details

    # Name Specification
    1 Steel grade DC53/Cr8Mo1VSi/K340
    2 Size
    3 Tolerance according to order
    4 Technique Hot Rolled
    5 Surface Black surface/ Grinded/ Machined
    6 Application  punches & dies, draw & forum dies, shear blades, shredder knives, thread & form rolls, cold heading dies, mill rolls & slitters
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