Because we can produce the high quality raw material for high speed steel, meanwhile, we can provide you semi-product and product for HSS cutting tools such as HSS taps etc.

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    HSS M35 Cobalt Center Drill Bit

    Each drill has a double end and is ground with a standard 60-degree angle.
    Center and spotting drills are traditionally used to make a conical hole for a lathe center in order to make a starting point for a standard twist drill,
    designed to prevent the twist drill from walking.
    Used for producing center holds in components or workpieces with require machining between centers.

    1.Material: High-Speed Steel+M35 Cobalt

    2.Size:  1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5mm

    3.HSS M35 Cobalt Center Drill Bit


    Type Body diameter(mm) Drill tip diameter(mm)
    1 4 1.5
    2 5 2
    3 6 2.5
    4 8 3
    5 10 4
    6 12 5


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