ZEICIN ASP2030 HSS USES the original spray molding technology in China. Compared with the traditional HSS, it greatly improves the service life of the tool, which is close to the life of the powder HSS, and greatly improves the cost performance, saving the purchasing cost for customers and bringing win-win cooperation.

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    ASP2030 M36 SPRAY FORMING High-Speed Steel

    ASP2030 high-speed steel prepared by the traditional method has large grain size and eutectic leite due to its slow cooling rate. Even after repeated hot forging and hot rolling deformation, it is difficult to completely solve the problem of tool performance. It not only restricts the improvement of high-speed steel performance but also makes it difficult to break through the hardness of 66-68hrc after tempering, which leads to the spalling and wear of cutting tools and reduces the service life.

    Similar Grade

    GB/T9943-2008 P30 P30 M36 FAX38 S590 ASP2030 ASP30

    Main Chemical Composition%

    C W Mo Cr V Co Al Mn Si S P
    1.23~1.33 5.9-6.7 4.7-5.3 3.8-4.5 2.7-3.2 8.0-8.8 ≤0.40 ≤0.70 ≤0.025 ≤0.025


    • Round Bar/mm
    Type Specification(mm) Surface Condition
    Cold-drawn Round Steel φ2-10 Black
    Hot-rolled Round Steel φ11-75 Turned
    Precision Forging Round Steel φ80-120 Turned
    • Specification for Hot-rolled flat bar in common use/mm (black surface)
    TW 20 25 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100

    More Information

    Technology process: Spray forming is an advanced technology to produce the high-performance material by rapid solidification. The technology has solved the problem of the composition of the macrosegregation and has the characteristics of powder metallurgy.
    The high-speed steel is heated into molten metal, and then it is atomized; under the effect of gas injection, the droplet is accelerated and cooled down rapidly, When the collision of flying droplets in the precipitator, the spherical particles have been impacted then became flat, formed to sputtering film, Cooling effect of particle precipitation the rapid solidification, And the self-fluxing effect accumulation forming.
    Property The chemical composition of ASP2030 HSS steel is characterized by a large amount of heat generated at the cutting edge of tools and drills during machining, which increases the temperature of tools and drills. In this processing environment, chemical elements play their respective roles:
    1) tungsten can maintain its hardness and wear resistance in a certain high-temperature range;
    2) chromium plays an important role in the hardenability, oxidation resistance and wear resistance of steel, and also plays a certain role in the secondary hardening;
    3) vanadium plays an important role in secondary hardening and wear resistance of steel, but reduces grinding performance;
    4) cobalt element can improve the thermal stability of high-speed steel, improve the heat resistance, reduce the friction coefficient between the tool and the workpiece, improve its grinding machinability, and effectively improve the service life of the tool.
    Application ASP2030 high-speed steel is widely used for cutting tools and drills in machining, especially for cutting tools with high performance, long life, high speed, and precision molding. It is also used to manufacture high-performance molds, rolls, high-temperature bearings, and high-temperature springs.

    Heat treatment reference

    ASP2030 M36 heat treatment reference


    ASP2030 heat treatmemt

    Surface condition


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    Execution Standard ZEICIN Grade GB AISI JIS DIN DIN
    GB/T9943-2008 T1 W18Cr4V1 T1 SKH2 1.3355 1.3355
    GB/TSFDS SFDSF W18DFDSFr4V1 T1SDF SKSFDH2 1.3355 1.3355
    GB/T9943-2008 T1SF W18Cr4V1 T1 SKH2 1.3355 1.3355