The Function of Key Processes

The special process can make carbide grain size much smaller, ledeburite carbide network much smaller to reduce material segregation. and improve material quality.
The technology has been researched and developed by ourself, it’s unique.

Core Process

RS ESR Principles

The rapid solidification, and fast speed cooling, lead to the shallow melting pool, and the carbide will solidify when it is too late to grow up

(fast cooling) (rapid solidification) (Shorten the growth time of carbide size, so it never grows up to big size )

Core Process

Steel Ingot Size

To increase the forging ratio to improve internal organization,Make the carbide size more smaller and distribution more even,Which can make carbide distribution achieve grade 4

steel ingot for HSS Φ370-Φ400mm
steel ingot for HSS Φ80-Φ100mm
steel ingot for HSS Φ450-Φ500mm
steel ingot for HSS Φ100-Φ120mm
steel ingot for HSS Φ550-Φ600mm
steel ingot for HSS Φ120-Φ130mm

Quality Control

Chemical Composition Testing

Elemental spectral analysis + traceable sample retention + ex-factory testing

Surface Crack Testing

3 times to test as below:
1) After RS ESR (or ESR}+annealing, Sand grinding to test the steel ingot
2) After forging +Annealing to get the billet to test {Before start rolling)
3) After finish the rolling bar to test

Internal Crack Testing

Flaw detection:, l time, (After sand grinding, before forging)

Avoid Steel Mix To Test

1) Color marking (Each worker have one color card to correctly distinguish)
2) 2 times Spark Discrimination after rolling the bar
1 st time: Before forging, 2nd time: After rolling bar

HB Annealing Hardness Testing

Inspection report before delivery

Microstructure Inspection

Spectral analysis, carbide grade distribution, carbide size to test
PS: Internal quality: as long as the directional process(RS ESR) is done out which will be good quality

Authoritative Test Report

Comparison Information